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“Ochenta Complicado – кубинская сальса (Casino) – разъяснение техники выполнения совместной работы”

Here is a move we teach at the intermediate level in Cuban Salsa (Casino) partner work class called Ochent Complicado.

As a teacher, it’s important to use the VARK principles (Visual, Aural, Read, and Kinaesthetic) when explaining to learners, referring to the different learning styles humans have when acquiring new information. Individuals are identified by their most preferred learning style.

Quote of the day: “To teach is to learn twice – Joseph Joubert.”

We are one of London’s longest-running weekly Cuban dance and music events on Mondays. Can you believe we’ve been running these nights for 17 years? ???

???London’s best-kept secret: Cuban Vibes Dance School ???

If you’d like to find us, take a look at our social media platforms. ???






Some health benefits of dancing:

Dancing can help people of all ages, sizes, and shapes stay fit and active. It offers a wide range of physical and mental benefits, including:

?? Improved heart and lung health

?? Increased strength, endurance, and motor fitness

?? Increased aerobic capacity

?? Improved muscle tone and strength

?? Better weight management

?? Stronger bones and reduced osteoporosis risk

?? Better coordination, agility, and flexibility

?? Improved balance and spatial awareness

?? Increased physical confidence

?? Improved mental functioning

?? Greater psychological and general wellbeing

?? Boosted self-esteem and self-confidence

?? Enhanced social skills

We hope to see you soon at Cuban Vibes Dance School: “Monday Madness @ Cricklewood Railway Club NW2 6JP.”

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